Omega x Swatch - The MoonSwatch: flop or success?

Published - by Mathieu Celi

It all started on March 21, 2022, when we could discover on the social networks of Swatch and Omega the following advertising campaigns: On the one hand, we had Swatch who evoked the fact of changing his watch (Omega) for a Swatch, and on the other hand, on the side of Omega, to leave his Swatch for one of its last. A lot of rumors were born following this beginning of campaign, but the idea of a collaboration between Swatch and Omega seemed nevertheless very unlikely, especially because of their price placement.

And yet, on the morning of March 23, the first photos began to leak, revealing a slightly different Speedmaster Moonwatch: the MoonSwatch. At the end of the day, Swatch communicated on this future release, letting appear on their website, the new collaboration with Omega. We discover a new collection named BIOCERAMIC of 11 models that will be available on March 26, each referring to a mission to a celestial body.Swatch x Omega: MoonSwatch

Tribute to the Speedmaster?

The new Swatch collection BIOCERAMIC MoonSwatch pays tribute to Omega's iconic Speedmaster model and makes it accessible to fans around the world. The MoonSwatch pays homage to the planets of the solar system by celebrating the collaboration between the brand that saved Swiss watchmaking (Swatch) and the iconic manufacturer of the Speedmaster Moonwatch (Omega). This collection is highlighted via an innovative material: the Bioceramic. The dials feature the OMEGA X SWATCH logo, the iconic Speedmaster logo and the new MoonSwatch logo. There is also an "S" embedded in the center of the crystal glass. The chronograph hour, minute and second hands, as well as the hour markers, have Super-LumiNova coating for better visibility in low light. The case back of each model is printed with the text of the mission in question and the following interlaced words: DREAM BIG – FLY HIGH – EXPLORE THE UNIVERSE – REACH FOR THE PLANETS. The battery cover of each watch bears an image of the celestial body that inspired the design. Features include:

Technical SpecificationsOmega x Swatch Moonswatch
  • 42 mm x 13.25 mmCase:  42 mm x 13.25 mm

  • 9 déclinaisonsDial:  9 déclinaisons

  • Chronographe QuartzMovement:  Chronographe Quartz

  • VelcroBracelet:  Velcro

  • Disponible en quantité non limitéeAvailability:  Disponible en quantité non limitée

  • EUR 270Price:  EUR 270

A stroke of marketing genius? Or future commercial failure?

We can highlight the marketing genius of the Swatch group, one week before the biggest watchmaking event in the world: Watches & Wonders. Nevertheless, the purists will feel aggrieved, an Omega at 250€, really? When some people spend much more money to buy an Omega, seeing a watch with the same name for 250€ can be surprising.

But this MoonSwatch has in fact nothing of an Omega, entirely in plastic, with a simple quartz movement, and finishes that leave much to be desired, it has in common only its name: the Speedmaster. One could compare this collaboration to streetwear brands collaborating with haute couture houses.

Nevertheless, this MoonSwatch is already a great commercial success, since it will allow to reach a much larger public thanks to its very interesting price position. We could see huge queues at the time of its release on March 26, lure of gains or real desire for the watch? We could find on second hand websites, copies displayed at more than 1000€.

However, Swatch has communicated that the MoonSwatch will not be a limited edition, and that it will be available to all. We can note the fun side of this collection, with models very varied in color, there is something for everyone.

Should we be tempted?

As you can see, you should not expect the quality of an Omega watch when you put this MoonSwatch on your wrist. However, being a fan of Omega, I will let myself be tempted by the model Mission to Mars. This watch is a tribute to the Alaska project with its counterweighted counter hands, nicknamed "Apollo" hands. This watch could serve as a Toolwatch. However, the durability over time remains to be seen.

And you, which mission do you choose?

Swatch Omega Moonswatch Models

How much does a Swatch Omega Moonswatch cost?


The Swatch x Omega Moonswatch are sold for 260€.


What models are available for the Moonswatch?


Vous avez le choix entre plusieurs missions : Mission to the Sun, Mission on Earth, Mission to Jupiter, Mission to Mars, Mission to Mercury, Mission to Neptune, Mission to Pluto, Mission to Saturn, Mission to Uranus, Mission to Venus et Mission to the Moon.


Is the Swatch Omega Moonswatch a limited edition?


Due to the very high demand from fans of the Swatch x OMEGA collaboration, there is currently not enough stock. The watches are not limited edition


Where to buy Swatch Omega Moonswatch ?


You can find them if you are lucky in Swatch stores, list here

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