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Paris, November 28, 2022 - Launch of Watch Interest, a new watch media that focuses on quality for the watchmaking enthusiast. Our promise is to provide engaging and informative content that serves the needs of both the discerning watch enthusiast and the seasoned collector: a one-stop destination for information on watches, watch houses and market news.

The company was founded in 2021 by Antoine Lin and Mathieu Celi with the objective to offer French-speaking content that differs from the teaser watch social media trends in search of viral buzzes.

Watch Interest's development strategy, since this first year and for the coming months, is based on using complementary skills of the two founders to create entertaining, informative video and editorial content that are optimized for search engines and social networks. It also relies on the development of long-term partnerships with market players that they like.

The company's goal is to bring a technological dimension in several aspects:

  1. Providing an innovative experience that meets the challenges of the digital world in 2023

  2. Creating tools to better guide enthusiasts in their search for information

  3. Providing creative content targeted at new traffic niches to bring qualified audiences to brands and press agencies.

Finally, the main objective is to democratize, demystify and open up the market to as many people as possible in order to sweep away received ideas.

Mathieu Celi says : "The perfect watchmaking initiation comes when you someong give you the passion for watches. There is nothing better than discussions around a watch to let the magic happen."

You can follow Watch Interest in french on and in english on as well as on our social networks :

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